Inaugural Sumter Springfest deemed a success


Good times are hard to come by for some cities but not for Sumter.

You can almost imagine it: The constant shuffle of feet on sidewalks, leading eager eyes and ears to find out where the infectious beats are coming from. The slaps sounding off from high fives or solid pats on the back exchanged between family and friends. The laughter harmonizing with the music as you partake in good drinks, great food and even greater fellowship.

On the afternoon and well into the evening of Saturday, March 23, the inaugural Springfest -- and all its feel-good festivities -- brought 1,600-plus people into downtown Sumter for a successful good time.

Hosted by Quixote Hospitality, the inaugural event delivered eight hours of lively entertainment in downtown Sumter, drawing crowds from across the region. Artists like Eddie Rogers, The Jake Bartley Band, Lewis Brice, Honey & The New Era Band and 20 Ride kept spirits high throughout the one-day affair. There was also plenty of food to go around, thanks to the event's six vendors, Sumter Original Brewery, Hamptons, Side Bar, Cut Rate, J O'Gradys and Jin Jin. While the good times benefited attendees, their purchase of a ticket and all proceeds benefited United Way, raising $75,000 for the nonprofit.

"We could have never raised this kind of money had it not been for how great all our sponsors were," expressed Danielle Thompson, founder and organizer of Springfest. "We were very pleased with that many people attending, and what really made it special was how great the crowd was and how much fun they were having."

Patrons who frequent the revitalized Main Street - from Sumter and surrounding areas - enjoy its sights, sounds and selection of food and drinks. But on a night like March 23, when the fun was amplified times 10, they were beyond excited to attend, ecstatic to experience and eager to witness it all again next year -- and so are the organizers.

Thompson said with the buzz and success of the inaugural event, Springfest 2025 will happen on Saturday, March 22, in the heart of downtown Sumter.