Letter to the editor: I must have caught the wrong bus


For a long time, I have often heard what a terrible place Tuomey Hospital (now Prisma) is; "If I have to go the hospital I'll go to Florence or Columbia or somewhere else before I go there."

Recently, I was admitted to that "horrible" place - "Tuomey Hospital." I had a few "heart issues." The first unthinkable thing, I was pleasantly greeted by a very nice, professional lady in Admitting, then transported to my room on the second floor while having a pleasant conversation with my "driver."

Upon arriving in my room, a smiling, cheerful nurse by the name of Chelsea Kelly welcomed me to the second floor. She immediately provided me with the many accessories that I would need while there, all the while smiling and being as helpful as anyone could be. Nurse Chelsea was my nurse for a couple of days, always bright and cheerful. Surely this can't last - shift change!

The night nurse comes in! This is it! John (Gaughf(?) welcomes me and goes over my information and explains everything they would be doing and tells me not to hesitate "pushing the button" if I needed or wanted anything. In the early morning hours, I did have a need and Barry (Gamble), a nurse's aide, was there immediately with Nurse John; problem solved.

Kind of lost track of the days for a while; but, a new morning shift and Nurse Lauren (Bodiford?) was at my bedside doing all the nursing things - very professionally - always cheerful and smiling. I wish I had all of the names, but a few that stand out who were such a help, pleasant and cheerful are: names like: Donna, Angela, Taiesha, Elita; I would add to my list all of the others with whom I came into contact. Surely, I must have caught the wrong bus!

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the care of Doctors "D" and Sergeant, and PA Jamie Shorter - what a great team of cardiologists!

Thank each of you for caring!