Letter to the editor: How did biggest scam in U.S. history actually happen?


I am trying to understand how the biggest scam in the history of America happened. And no one other than Donald Trump has proof it happened. How did millions of votes get switched and not one piece of evidence been presented to show this happened? Fifty to 60 court cases have been filed, and not one court has ruled in favor of Mr. Trump. What is going on? Almost two years have passed, and not one shred of vivid evidence has been brought forth to show the election was stolen.

People risked their lives in attacking the capitol in Washington, D.C., on the order of Trump. And the only result was people died because of one man's delusional lie. Even today, millions are still telling this one delusional lie that the election was stolen. But where is the proof? This is unprecedented. But is it? History has been known to repeat itself. Hitler did the same thing in Germany.

I have many books on the rise of Hitler. And I have always been mystified how one man caused so many to believe a lie. He threw lies all over the air waves, and millions caught them and made his lie their lies. He threw out the master race lie, and millions made it their lie. He threw out the lie he could be trusted, and millions made it their lie. He threw out obvious lies, and millions made them their lies. He threw out the lie that those who did not believe as he did were anti-German, and millions caught that lie and made it their lie. He threw out he was the savior of Germany, and millions made it their lie. He gave small grains of truth, but those were not captured by the millions.

Hitler was the right man, for the right time, and the right people. Donald Trump has given me insight into Hitler. Trump is the right man, for the right time, and the right people.

Understand this, I am not Republican or Democrat. I am not a Christian Republican or Christian Democrat. I am Christian first and foremost. I need no identifier before or after the word Christian. I am Christian. And as such, I take my identity from The Lord Jesus Christ. I am not of this world, but I live in this world. I am required to pray for this world. To all those Christians who are fuming and fussing, cussing and ready to die for a gun (I own three), is this Christlike?

One day in the future, another right man, for the right time and the right people, will arise and lead millions to believe a great lie. Donald Trump is just a precursor for this man of the future.