Hines Furniture Athlete of the Year contest set to start next week


The Hines Furniture Athlete of the Week contest has wrapped up with the spring sports season, but now comes the next stage of the competition. All 31 winners, as well as one write-in, will now be placed into a bracket where you can vote for the Hines Furniture Athlete of the Year.
Voting on the 32-person bracket will begin on Tuesday, June 8. The matchups for the first round will be released when voting opens. Each round of voting will last four days, with a day in between each round. The Hines Furniture Athlete of the Year will then be announced on Saturday, July 3.
Here are the 32 athletes in the order that they won the Hines Furniture Athlete of the Week:
Javion Martin – Crestwood High
Camryn Bateman – Wilson Hall
Sydnee Richardson – Wilson Hall
Abby Bradley – Wilson Hall
Reese Distelzweig – Thomas Sumter Academy
Gabe Harris – Laurence Manning Academy
Keaton Price – Lee Academy
Nakeem Isaac – Sumter High
Matthew Hawkins – Thomas Sumter Academy
Desmond McMillan – Crestwood High
Preston Houser – Thomas Sumter Academy
Jaden Sanders – Laurence Manning Academy
Cambria Parker – Scott’s Branch
Justin Daniels – Manning High
Corey Graham – Manning High
Porter Laney – Thomas Sumter Academy
Kameron Rodriguez – Lakewood High
Caleigh Barrett – Lee Academy
Britton Beasley – Wilson Hall
Xavier Brown – Sumter High
Dani Hanley – Wilson Hall
Josie Self – Sumter High
Ellie Stone – Wilson Hall
Tyler Jones – Wilson Hall
Ethan Grantham – Lee Academy
Molly Jones – Wilson Hall
Nicole Wells – Sumter High
Britton Morris – Laurence Manning Academy
Hannah Truett – Laurence Manning Academy
Andi Grae Wingate – Wilson Hall
Kyler Odom – East Clarendon
Kylic Horton – Clarendon Hall (Write in)