Hines Furniture Athlete of the Year bracket contest begins next week


The Hines Furniture Athlete of the Year bracket contest is right around the corner, so voters get your clicking fingers ready.

The second-annual contest, which consists of the 2021-22 winners of the Hines Furniture Athlete of the Week series, begins Monday, June 27. The 39-person bracket will have five rounds that run through July. Because of the number of candidates, some student-athletes will have a bye in the opening round. The winner of the Hines Furniture Athlete of the Year will be celebrated at the second annual Sumter Item Media Day promoting the high school football season, which will take place Aug. 10 on Facebook Live and at USC Sumter.

Voting for the first round opens at 12:01 a.m. Monday and will be open for four days. Unlike the Athlete of the Week contest, each person can only vote once per round.

Sumter High School track and field star Nicole Wells won the inaugural Athlete of the Year contest last year.

Here is an alphabetical list of the 39 candidates for the Hines Furniture Athlete of the Year.

Audrey Bennett - Laurence Manning Academy

Ayden Allen - Thomas Sumter Academy

Boykin Wilder - Wilson Hall

Brandon Cisse - Lakewood High

Bryce Acord - Laurence Manning Academy

Dani Hanley - Wilson Hall

Delaney Frierson - Manning High

Emily Young - Thomas Sumter Academy

Grayson Ramirez - Lakewood High

Hampton Gaskins - Lee Academy

Jackson Campbell - Laurence Manning Academy

Jaden Sanders - Laurence Manning Academy

Jamari Harris - Thomas Sumter Academy

Jarae Mitchell - Lakewood High

Jehqwauyn Hilton - Manning High

Josiah Burson - Laurence Manning Academy

Justin Rembert - Crestwood High

Kaylan Boudreau - Wilson Hall

Kenneth Albert - Lee Central High

Keonna Felder - Scott's Branch High

Khalil Moody - Crestwood High

Kiara Croskey - Sumter High

Kwantre Harry - Lee Central High

Landon DeLavan - Lakewood High

La'tavius Wilson - Manning High

Lily Wellborn - Laurence Manning Academy

Lindsay Daniel - Thomas Sumter Academy

Mason Love - Lakewood High

Matthew Hawkins - Thomas Sumter Academy

Michael Holmes Jr. - Lee Central High

Nicole Wells - Sumter High

Peyton Morris - Sumter High

Randy Gibson - Scott's Branch High

Rickell Brown - Sumter High

RJ Cantey - Manning High

Ryan Cowell - Crestwood High

Savanna Price - Lee Academy

Stevye Sinkler - Lakewood High

Zayveon Wells - Lakewood High