Column: Can you do anything about America's problems? Not really, except for one thing


We are saturated with news in America. We know about the legal troubles of former President Donald Trump. Every day we are updated about the latest court proceedings and what is still to come. What can you do about it? Nothing. You didn't loan Trump the mone,y and he doesn't owe you. Loan officers from lending institutions worked these deals with Trump. It's between Trump and them it seems to me. Every day you are bombarded with every detail of Trump's legal issues, from a woman he reportedly assaulted to a porn star who is dissatisfied with the $100,000-plus hush payment she reportedly received. What can you do about it? Nothing. Is all of this supposed to make you hate Trump and vote for someone else?

Almost every day we are reminded by some about the cognitive decline of President Joe Biden. Just like any president, he is derided on a daily basis for his handling of our southern border crisis, the economy, the decline of our military and much more. We care because it all impacts us, but what can you do about it? Nothing really. You can be mad and frustrated, but that's about all.

Minneapolis police officers were killed during the weekend. People were shot and one killed at a Kansas City Chiefs citywide Superbowl party. Numerous people were shot. It makes us sick. We hurt for those whose lives were taken. We hurt for those families who lost loved ones.

We hurt every day and week in America as more and more mass shootings occur. So what? What can you do about it? Nothing really.

We vote. Of course, that's the one thing we can do, but that's about all. We can protest, march and scream and holler, but Congress doesn't pay any attention to that. Marches in Washington, D.C., are common and seemingly ignored.

Every day we hear about the border crisis. It seems to be a commonsense fix, but what are you going to do? Many of us would go to the Southern border and volunteer to complete the wall and fix the holes, but our government would probably put us in jail for trying to protect America. Thousands are illegally pouring into our country, and we hear about it every day, but what are you going to do about it? Nothing really.

Every day we hear about the crisis of the Middle East. Israel, Gaza, Russia and Ukraine. We hear a lot about Ukraine needing more and more money. It doesn't matter if you think they need more or less money; it's out of your hands. What can you do about it? Call your Congressman? Call the president? Do you think they care about what you think? They care about one thing, and that's doing whatever it takes to be reelected.

All you can do is what you must do, and that is vote, and you already know almost for sure who your options are for this upcoming election. That's the one thing we can do. Since you and I can't really do anything about all of this mess, we had better elect someone who will do something.

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