Letter: Brunson wants to improve standard of living for Ward 2


Over the past 25 years, the City of Sumter has made many improvements to enhance the quality of life of all citizens living in Sumter County. The progressive and innovative performance by members of the City Council enabled these advancements. This progress is why I am delighted to endorse Elayne "Mandie" Brunson's candidacy for Sumter City Council Ward 2.

Elayne has demonstrated, through her actions, that she is concerned about the appearance of her community. She also desires to improve the standard of living for people in Ward 2. She has implemented and actively participates in community clean-up initiatives on Saturdays in Ward 2. Improved infrastructure and the demolishment of dilapidated houses in Ward 2 are items on her agenda. Elayne doesn't just talk the talk; she walks the walk!

I have known Elayne for 17 years. She is a high-spirited individual who believes in making improvements in her community. Along with her grandfather, Carl Holmes Sr., former president of the Sumter Branch NAACP, she and I stood together in many city and county meetings discussing race relations issues, equal rights, equal justice, fair employment opportunities and adequate funding of Sumter public schools. Additionally, she helped to establish the Youth Employment Program in Sumter County.

Elayne has the skills and knowledge to reach her goals. As a teenager, she displayed great insight and maturity while assisting me in my first political campaign. She was active in planning, organizing and coordinating campaign activities and strategies through her work for me. She knows what it takes to be a successful servant of the people she desires to represent.

Elayne is recognized as one of Sumter's 2019-20 Top Professionals Under 40. We need forward-thinking young entrepreneurs serving in city government to continue the progress that is taking place in the City of Sumter.

Even though I cannot vote for Elayne, the city and county are Team Sumter members, and we grow together. A vote for Elayne is a vote for future economic development and higher-paying jobs.


Former chairman

Sumter County Council, District 7