Letter: Brunson can make positive impact for Ward 2 residents


I recommend Elayne Brunson for Sumter City Council Ward 2 and feel that she is the best to represent the area. Elayne Brunson has genuine love, commitment and dedication to making Sumter become a better place. Elayne Brunson, a Top 20 Under 40 winner and real estate investor, has acquired $3 million in real estate equity in opportunity zones, creating affordable housing in low-income areas in several cities and counties across South Carolina.

Elayne Brunson teaches beginners and intermediates to also get involved in real estate investing by offering workshops. Elayne currently serves on the City of Sumter Community Development Housing Board and is already giving us a glimpse of the level of community involvement she will continue to pursue.

Through real estate investing and renovating almost a dozen properties, Elayne has been working vigorously to receive PMP certification. A certified project manager and a college graduate of Palm Beach State College, Elayne would be a major asset to the City of Sumter. With project management training, Elayne will be able to apply learned skills to areas like public works, drainage solutions and advise on ways to create improved water quality citywide. Simply put, working in project management, Elayne has the insight and experience to improve the issues that matter to us citywide, such as the infrastructure issues we face.

Elayne Brunson has so much insight, experience to offer the City of Sumter, specifically in Ward 2. Outside of the Black Chamber of Commerce to advocate for the socially disadvantaged class of businesses in Sumter, Elayne has been a sponsor of Sumter Parks and Rec soccer for over five years. Elayne invests in the community so many ways, and her motives and intentions are so clear we can begin to imagine the bigger impact she will make once in office based on the positive impact she is making today!


Sumter Black Chamber of Commerce co-founder