Bridge collapse closes U.S. 15 north of Sumter


The South Carolina Department of Transportation is routing traffic around a bridge over Whites Mill Pond on U.S. 15 after a tractor trailer blocked traffic when a portion of the bridge collapsed Monday morning.
Marin Anguelou was driving 20,000 pounds of pillows to Sumter when a truck in front of him collapsed the portion of the bridge and his truck couldn't stop in time before hitting it with the front end of his truck going into the hole. The weight of the truck pushed the cab and front end beyond the collapsed portion of the bridge.
Anguelou said he was only going 25 mph when the truck in front of him appeared to have a tire blow out because he saw pieces flying off the truck. Turns out, that first truck collapsed the bridge and lost some fuel tanks. It was parked on the other side of the bridge when investigators arrived.
"I hit the brakes too late," Anguelou said.
Now he's trying to figure out how to get his truck off the bridge because a tow truck can't go over the bridge to help him, and he will likely have to unload the pillows, which he said didn't soften the blow.
SCDOT was routing traffic to U.S. 401 via Brewington.