Bassmaster Magazine ranks lakes Marion and Moultrie at No. 23

Santee Cooper Lakes is one of the Top 25 Best Bass Lakes of the Decade


CLARENDON COUNTY - Bassmaster Magazine ranked the Top 25 Best Bass Lakes of the Decade, and the Santee Cooper lakes made the list at No. 23.

Bassmaster Magazine used historical data dating back to 2012 to make the list.

According to the magazine, "Some fisheries have quietly held top positions in the rankings, resulting in a place on this legacy lake list. Some fisheries have made a big splash in the past, only to fizzle over the years."

No. 1 on the Top 25 Best Bass Lakes of the Decade rests on the west coast, Clear Lake in California, the state's largest natural lake. Bassmaster Magazine called Clear Lake a "powerhouse" that has never held the top ranking. Its highest ranking in the past only reached 10th back in 2014.

At No. 23 rests the Santee Cooper Lakes of Marion and Moultrie. Bassmaster Magazine said that although the sister lakes were created in the early 1940s, readers shouldn't "let their age fool you."

"The production of these fisheries rivals any new lake on this list. Just last year, Santee Cooper ranked ninth in the nation on the heels of multiple limits over 30 pounds hitting the scales."

"In 2018, lakes Marion and Moultrie ranked sixth in the nation on the heels of an eighth place in 2017."

"So, these sisters have been producing for a hot minute. Had it not been for a tragic showing in 2014 of 94th place, there is little doubt (the Santee Cooper Lakes) would have been much higher on this list."

The magazine said that according to the 2020 trend, the lakes Marion and Moultrie were on top for a "stellar" year.