Letter to the editor: 7,000 Christians will save America on Nov. 7, 2024, enabling Jesus to transition America


In Romans chapter 1, Satan creates every defiled and false "image" (v. 23) from the "lusts" of men's and women's "hearts" (vs. 24) to be "worshiped and served" as a "creature" (vs. 25). Satan creates the widest variety so all human flesh will "forget the LORD your God, and go after other gods and serve them and worship them (idolatry)" (Deut 8:19) rather than the Creator (Romans 1:25 applied). Exchanging "the truth about God for a lie" applies to all Satan's "creatures," not just the one mentioned in Romans chapter 1. Satan's most destructive "creatures" are those created when Satan "adds to or takes from" God's spoken words. Applied to the "creature" Satan created in 325 A.D. at Nicaea, Americans "lust" in their "hearts" for Satan's idolatry-based, defiled, and false creature "Jesus is God."

1,700 years ago, God authorized Satan to build the last barrier (Trinitarianism) delaying God's start to making "Jesus' (three) enemies a footstool for Jesus' feet" (Psalm 110:1-2) in every nation without God authorizing Jesus to inform any of the "few" (Matthew 7:14) in Christ that the Trinity Doctrine's most obvious and harmful attribute is idolatry despite God's having provided His clearly worded and eternal definition of idolatry three times in one chapter as far back as Deuteronomy 13. Three other Trinity Doctrine attributes were never authorized to be revealed until 18 months ago: 1) God's eternal companion process to God's eternal definition of idolatry applies any time anyone falsely asserts "Israel or their fathers have known" some "other" person, place or thing as "God" [e.g., Trinitarians falsely assert, "when Isaiah 9:6 applied God's names to the messiah, that proved Israel or their fathers 'have known' (Deut 13:6) the messiah (Jesus of Nazareth) as 'God'"], 2) Trinitarians who falsely assert, "The only way Jesus could have done all that he did in the flesh was if Jesus was Almighty God Himself," blaspheme the holy spirit forever denying themselves God's forgiveness or salvation, and 3) Trinitarians "shall surely perish" for their idolatry-based "unbelief" without rightly repenting of all their sin, including repenting of their idolatry and "unbelief" from their false faith in a false Jesus from Satan's false Trinity Doctrine, and being re-baptized in the name of the son (never "God the son") before they die; provided, they never blasphemed the holy spirit.

Abraham mismanaged the Judgment of God at Sodom and Gomorrah by never communicating God's promised Judgment against the city or God's promised offer of "10" to save the city and refusing to try to find "10" or allow God's promise to immediately take root in 10 after "hearing." Abraham-alone decided Sodom and Gomorrah's destruction when he simply walked-away.

Beginning in America, Jesus did not make Abraham's mistakes when starting to manage God's culminating Judgment against America. On 10 May 2023, Jesus, through his body, sent 9-page letters containing content similar to these 6-editorials to all 530 Trinitarian religious organizations (213,000 Trinitarians) in 6 cities and 4 States (all denominations) communicating God's promised culminating Judgment against America on 7 Nov 24, God's belief-rate offered to Sodom and Gomorrah (7,000 Christians), at Jesus' request, God granted Jesus 18-months (10 May 23 - 7 Nov 24) for Jesus, through his body, to "sow" and "reap" 7,000 Christians in America whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life, and Satan's "second beast" in Sumter (Trinitarian clergy) influence 32,000 Trinitarians enabling Sumter-alone to save all America and lead the entire world to receive God's forgiveness and salvation in-Christ.

Many surprises in-Christ eagerly await the world, including China's failed "control" over America in 2025. Later, when China fails God's required belief-rate and "God gives them into the hand" of a nation "who hated them," if, by that time, the nation God "gives" China to has already transitioned under "the only true God," won't China and the world be surprised when that nation loves, instead of hates China, and in the end saves all China in-Christ . . . no more difficult there than here (or any nation)!

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