Writer supports Democrat Archie Parnell in 5th District race


I am a resident of Rock Hill, and I am writing to express my full support for Democrat Archie Parnell to fill the 5th Congressional seat left open by Republican Mick Mulvaney's appointment in the president's administration. At this critical time in our district's and country's history, this special election presents a unique chance to flip the 5th Congressional District back from Republican to Democrat control.

While Democrat Archie Parnell may not have the name recognition of the other Republican candidates, he does possess the willingness to work with both Democrats and Republicans to reform the tax code along with the numerous other problems facing our country today. The willingness to work cooperatively with those of differing opinions is something that is lacking in Washington and until compromise and communication is brought back to our democracy, only legislation of the controlling party will pass through our system of democracy. Democrat Archie Parnell is a tax expert who will fight President Trump and the Republication-controlled legislature to close the loopholes that allow large corporations to stash billions of dollars in profits that go untaxed. Democrat Archie Parnell will invest these untaxed profits in our roads and bridges, in tax cuts to working families, and creating jobs here at home in South Carolina. A vote for Democrat Archie Parnell for Congress is a vote to hold both President Trump and the Republican swamp accountable. Democrat Archie Parnell will be a voice of reason in Congress and will oppose any health care plan that weakens Medicare for seniors, raises premiums for the elderly, and forces millions of Americans to lose their current coverage.

The Democratic Primary is on May 2 and the special election is on June 20. Volunteers can help Archie Parnell for Congress at the Sun City Women's Huddle Phone Bank in Indian Land at 1 p.m. today.

I urge all my fellow citizens of the 5th Congressional District of South Carolina to vote for Democrat Archie Parnell at both the Democratic Primary on May 2 and the special election on June 20.

Archie Parnell for Congress!


Rock Hill