Writer responds to attack on his previous letter to the editor


In her most recent letter titled "You won't die if you change your mind" and posted March 14, Ms. Jacqueline K. Hughes employs approximately 240 words to mostly attack me the messenger instead of my message which appeared in my own recent letter which you published on March 10.

She closely follows our President's playbook where he repeatedly chooses to aggressively attack and demean the source of any criticism instead of trying to honestly refute the actual criticism itself. And she admits to having waited for the opportunity to do so for sometime.

The overall message of my letter stating that our President is his own worse enemy is widely shared across the political spectrum and skillfully illustrated by Robert Ariail's fine cartoon appearing in Tuesday's opinion section of The Sumter Item.

Given Ms. Hughes' good work with the VFW along with her strong support for our law enforcement and other good causes around town, it was unfortunate that she chose to travel the low and muddy dirt road of personal attack instead of the higher road toward honestly critiquing my actual message. Mules and cows have kicked me harder so I've experienced much worse.

Hopefully our President will change and grow but his attacks and untruths so far have inflicted lasting damage on his presidency along with casting doubt on many of our institutions including our electoral system and free press; both of which are vital to a democracy.

William Q. Brunson

Sumter/New York City