Writer decides that liberals are stupid


For the last few days, I have worn out my fingers channel surfing the so-called mainstream media outlets. While its true that I get my news from the Fox News Channel, the reason is quite simple: they actually report on the other news going on in the world, instead of continuously trying to bash the president. And then, it was announced that Comey had been fired as FBI director. I immediately went into search mode again. I have come to the conclusion that Washington and the mainstream media are suffering from, well, for lack of a better term, STD's. (Stupid Tenured Democrats)

Prior to the 2016 general elections, in July, Comey does a press conference, basically says HRC screwed up. But, in the end, says no charges should be filed. Democrats praise Comey. Comey has another presser in October. Says they are reopening the case. Democrats are outraged. Comey says 'nothing new'. Democrats again praise Comey. HRC loses. Blames Comey. Comey investigates Trump/Russia collusion. Nothing there to report. Democrats still confident. Trump fires Comey. Democrats again are outraged. Sounds confusing, but not really. If it has anything to do with negativity on Trump, the media covers it. When Trump does something positive, the media instead will do a report on the comparison of alfalfa sprouts and Girl Scout cookies. Last night (5/14), a new Miss USA was crowned. This morning, they are reporting that Twitter blew up and other social media are mad because of some of the things she said she believed in. Did I mention she was black? Did I mention she also happens to be a conservative? Months ago prior to the election, I said that liberal democrats were, in general, stupid. I rest my case.