Writer asks for accounting of zoning decision along highway


I would like to know how the property at 1625 U.S. 521 South in Sumter got changed from agricultural-residential to commercial. How much money changed hands and whose hands did it wind up in to get this done?
This property is in the middle of a residential neighborhood and a lot of the residents have been here for upwards of 50 years or more, are retired and deserve to live their remaining years in peace. Evidently, this makes no difference to some important (people) who can't see anything but a dollar.
Did I mention that this is on a very heavily traveled highway that is littered with automobiles, pickups and heavy trucks of all descriptions? No one in this area needs any other sort of business to generate any more traffic, as it is hard enough now to leave the yard to go anywhere.
There is a tire factory in this area already and that is a gracious plenty. More than enough traffic is generated because of that, and as this business grows -- and it will -- traffic will only be worse.
The change in the status of this property seems to be a shady deal and it needs to be investigated by some authority. Find the money!