Woman arrested after allegedly hitting teen with her vehicle


Sumter County Sheriff's Office arrested a woman Monday after she allegedly hit one teen and attempted to strike other teens with her vehicle on Saturday and Sunday.

According to a news release from the sheriff's office, 49-year-old Nancy C. Meiler, of 4627 Blanche Road, Lot 71, attempted to run over a 14-year-old male and others with a 2004 Toyota Camry at Cherryvale Drive and Confederate Road on Saturday.

Meiler reportedly crossed over the roadway onto the sidewalk in an attempt to strike the group, causing a 15-year-old boy to fall from his bicycle and break his wrist. She allegedly struck another 15-year-old boy with her vehicle as he attempted to get out of the way. He was not seriously injured, according to the release.

Warrants issued by the sheriff's office state Meiler attempted to hit the victims more than once and followed some of the teens into a parking lot of a gas station as they tried to flee.

The warrants also state Meiler attempted to strike another group of teens multiple times while in the 1200 block of Cherryvale Road on Sunday. Witnesses gave statements to law enforcement implicating Meiler, according to the release.

Ken Bell, public information officer at the sheriff's office, said Meiler told investigators she thought some of the teens had previously broken into her house, although the sheriff's office does not have a report of the alleged break-in.

Meiler was transported to Sumter-Lee Regional Detention Center and is charged with four counts of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature. A magistrate judge denied her bond.