What was considered 'great' was discrimination to others Re: Mouth of the South


My memory of Charlie Walker was of a mean-spirited pro-confederate Republican that talked about Williamsburg County as if there were no black people here except to play football for his pleasure.

It is no big surprise that in the age of Tump he would be dug up by the "When America was Great Club" because Charlie's main theme was the old days when Williamsburg County and the nation was ruled by Jim Crow and the other 68 percent (in Williamsburg County) knew their place.

Yes, Charlie could be amusing, and I still repeat a joke I heard him tell when I first moved to Kingstree from Sumter. But that was before I learned his real nature, which is typical of the times he grew up in. Charlie would have been a Trump supporter, no doubt, and I am sure, unlike Trump, he had some redeemable qualities; but like many of his time and of this time now, what they considered "great" in America was racial discrimination to us.