Violence in Virginia could've been avoided


I am going to be blunt. Anyone who supports the Democratic Party is a fool! They gave us eight years of Barack Hussein Obama and then they tried to give us Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump is for jobs, equality for all citizens, the enforcement of our laws and for deportation of dangerous non-citizens. He is also for the appointment of judges that adhere to the Constitution.

I think the situation that happened in Virginia could have been avoided. The local government erred in giving a bunch of crazy people a permit to march. Why in the world would they let people like David Duke and their like even come into town? They asked for it. Donald Trump was correct in saying that there were problems on both sides. There is no excuse for violence.

I'm sure there will be plenty of folks responding to this letter. All I can say is that nothing that the president and his administration could do would come close to the damage that Obama and his folks did to this country.