Time to clean up county council after fiasco


Well, it sure didn't take Eugene Baten long to jump on a Democratic bandwagon, and toot his own horn in regards to what happened under 'his chairmanship' concerning the budget deficit for the Sumter School District.

What would be your solution now, Mr. Baten? Would you bring back Mr. Bynum and his posse of high paid cronies? All the man did was 'raise taxes.' A typical Democratic tactic. Spend more, tax more. People are sick and tired of more taxes.

I'd be willing to bet, since you still are on Sumter County Council, that you were fully aware that there was a deficit. Along with the other Democrats on council, I'm pretty positive that you sat back thinking 'well, this is a surefire way of showing those Republicans that the Democrats do a better job.' I know people on county council, but maybe it's time to clean house. Term limits have been discussed on a national level, maybe we should start on the local level. Fresh people invite fresh ideas.

Maybe I should run for county council.