Sumter taxpayers can't even charge phones in library


Warning! Do not try to recharge your phone at any Sumter library! I did and was told to leave if I didn't unplug it.

Apparently, there is an unwritten policy that taxpayers cannot use the outlets in the Sumter libraries, which are public buildings, mind you, paid by taxpayers. Even if the outlets are not in use and quite accessible while you read quietly at a table.

In all my years of traveling around the U.S., I have never been denied charging my phone in public libraries, until now. I also worked in a library system in Ohio, and we never were rude, as the staff was to me. Keeping phones charged up is the way of life now.

When I questioned the reasoning behind such a stupid policy, I was told, "What if everyone wanted to charge the phones?" Huh, I was the only one at the time and with such an unfriendly staff, the library system should be glad to have overwhelming numbers visit them!


Monroe, N.C.