Sumter police raid nets 4 suspects


Sumter Police Department officers and detectives with the department's organized crime and vice control unit raided a South Main Street home Wednesday that led to the arrest of four suspects.

After several months of investigating, the officers entered the home to find a suspect of a shooting incident, along with 16 other individuals, a large quantity of crack cocaine, powder cocaine, $1,500 in cash and four firearms.

According to a Sumter Police Department news release, detectives linked the home, 557 S. Main St., to Freddie McCullough, 64, and charged him with attempted murder for a shooting incident outside of the South Sumter Street residence where a 32-year-old man was shot on June 30.

Ruth Wells, 51, also of the residence, was charged with two counts of distribution of crack cocaine and two counts of distribution of crack cocaine within proximity of a school or park. Wells was on bond at the time of her arrest for a previous drug offense.

Jermaine Smith, 36, who was at the residence, has been charged with trafficking cocaine, trafficking cocaine on a second offense and possession of a Schedule II substance and felon in possession of a firearm.

Antonio Wilson, 28, who was in the residence, was charged with trafficking cocaine on a second offense and for trafficking crack cocaine second offense.

In addition, Wilson was wanted for pointing and presenting a firearm in connection to a previous unrelated incident.

The report states that another individual was also arrested on contempt of the magistrate's court charge.

All four suspects were booked at the Sumter-Lee Regional Detention Center.