Sewer politics stink


In the 5th Congressional District Republican Party primary runoff today that includes Sumter County, the first question that comes to mind is: Who are these people?

The GOP contenders remaining have formed a circular firing squad and are spending gobs of money trashing each other in their nasty TV commercials. When the late Congressman John Riley represented our district, he didn't engage in sewer politics.

Here at The Sumter Item, we don't endorse political candidates. We leave that to the voters, who can usually figure it out. Our job is to give the voters as much information as we possibly can to help them through this thankless job. Somebody's gotta do it. That's what newspapers are for.

If you rely on Facebook for valid information, good luck. Enjoy the rumors, hearsay, gossip, speculation, disinformation and fake news that social media excel in. We try our level best to clean up the mess created by the aforementioned. We seek not to soil ourselves during the process.

We will add this: Don't believe those candidates who bray over and over again: "I'm no politician." Silly me, I always thought those who ran for political offices were politicians. What else could they be: rocket scientists, holier-than-thou busybodies, savants? Take your pick. Abraham Lincoln was proud of being a politician, one who could get things done, such as freeing the slaves. Politics is the art of the possible. It's not a curse word.

All those worthies running in the Fifth District, Democrat or Republican, should try not to take themselves too seriously. After all, the winners will soon become our employees. We taxpayers pay their salaries, and what they are tasked to do as public servants is to focus steadfastly on service. They should always remember they can be fired at will by their bosses who have the power of the ballot. We'll be watching.