Pastors' lawsuit against Coke misdirected, pointless


I like a good joke, just like the next person. But I must admit, I just read something very funny that I thought HAD to be a joke. After some quick research, I found it to be legit.

It seems a couple of black 'pastors' in Washington, D.C., have filed a lawsuit against the Coca-Cola company because, now this is the funny part, they claim that the Africa-American population lacks the scientific knowledge to understand that sugary soda consumption leads to diabetes, obesity, and cardio-vascular problems. Now, before I put in my two-cents worth of opinion, everyone who reads The Sumter Item knows I am a Republican, fully support Trump, and am a true deplorable.

I am going to assume that these two 'pastors' will shortly file suit against Kentucky Fried Chicken, Churches, Popeyes, and all the other fast food chicken places for a similar reason: they cause high blood pressure. Now I'm sure that some reading this are saying how racist this may sound. (According to Democrats, all Trump supporters are racists, bigots, homophobes.) But please understand this: It is in NO way intended to be racist. It is actually intended to show the kind of stupidity that runs rampant in the Democratic Party.

The Democrats keep saying Russia Russia Russia ... and all they keep getting is the dreaded 'nothing burger.' Maybe they need a Coke to wash it down with...