Open letter to President Trump on Social Security


Dear President Trump,

I need your help. The American people need your help.

This is about a critical subject: the fate of Social Security.

As you may know, the House passed the Social Security Lock-Box Bill and has sent it to the Senate.

But some rogue senators refuse to allow the bill to be voted on and passed. They want to continue to steal money - the people's money - from the Social Security Trust Fund. They have been doing this for so many years, just giving the fund an IOU.

Over the many years, they have stolen millions and millions of dollars of our hard-earned payments to the fund.

The only income millions of older citizens have is their Social Security check.

We hear all the time about how bad off the Social Security trust fund is. Why? Because Congress and especially Senate has stolen untold millions of dollars from the fund for their own private pet projects.

Mr. President, the crucial question is how much of that missing money has ever been paid back?

Sir, I and all Americans ask you to put pressure on the Senate to pass the Social Security Lock-Box Bill. The wanton stealing of money from the trust fund must stop and be prevented from happening any more.

We all need your personal intervention in this critical matter.