New Sumter school is wonderful addition to city


My 10-year-old son has been a student of Ragin Preparatory Christian Academy since December 2016, and since his enrollment I have seen a wonderful change in him. In the short time that he's been there, he's matured greatly. He was greeted with open arms and love by all the staff and educators. He's no longer the shy boy in the corner afraid to answer questions out of fear of being wrong. He loves going to school every morning and can't wait to tell me what he's done in class each day. Ragin Preparatory Christian Academy is a wonderful addition to the schools in Sumter County, and I can't say enough wonderful things about the school and everyone there. The school even offers an afterschool program, a week-long camp during spring break and a summer camp that includes academic enrichment. I'm looking forward to the next school year and growing with the Ragin Prep family.