New Sumter business brings oil change to you

Don Vargas, owner of Oil Changes Delivered, refills the oil in a truck on Friday.
Don Vargas, owner of Oil Changes Delivered, refills the oil in a truck on Friday.

Don Vargas was a stay-at-home dad for the last eight years. But with all of his three children in school now, he and his wife, Wendy, decided it was time for him to seek employment. With an extensive background as a vehicle mechanic and a personal love for tinkering with cars, his wife came across the idea earlier this year of starting a mobilized, full-service oil-change business.

A self-described "do-it-yourselfer," Vargas knew it was something he could do and would still have the time flexibility to take care of his kids after their school day.

That was January. By April, he had obtained his fully equipped service van with multiple tanks installed for performing full-service oil changes and his 18-point inspection list on vehicles.

Last month, he officially began serving customers after getting all the necessary licenses he needed to run the business.

Now, Oil Changes Delivered LLC is on the go - you could say - servicing individual customers and business fleets at their home or office.

His list of services provided on vehicles includes changing oil, checking and topping off fluids, checking belts, replacing filters and windshield wiper blades, among other items.

He also will make recommendations if any repairs are needed on your car, truck or van. Due to environmental zoning issues, he can't personally perform repairs though on others' property.

Vargas says his target market is busy people, looking to save time, and also businesses that don't want to suffer down time while their fleets are being serviced during regular business hours.

"For businesses, that is down time," Vargas said. "They need their trucks out servicing customers. So, if I can come in on a Saturday or after-hours during the week and service their trucks, then they are ready to roll in the morning and they don't lose any time."

His business slogan is "saving you time and money by bringing the oil change to you."

Prices vary based on vehicle type, he said. For lube and conventional oil change, the charge is $49. For lube and synthetic blend oil change service, Vargas charges $59. For full synthetic, it's $79. For diesel pickup trucks, the service charge is $120.

All his various tanks run off an air compressor in his service van, and he also has an e-vac system to drain oil from vehicles without drain plugs.

Vargas said he uses Chevron and Mystik oil, but will also accommodate a customer if he or she has a particular preference.

He said he's excited about the opportunity to serve Sumter and surrounding communities.

"I love working on vehicles," Vargas said. "If you find something that you really like, and can make some money at it, then it makes it all the better."