Longtime voter reports negative experience at poll


I feel compelled to have the following made known to those who could and should investigate my experience in the primary on May 2nd.

I have voted in the primaries and general elections for a long time and have never had a problem.

I arrived at my precinct around 12:45 p.m. I handed the worker my driver's license, and she entered my information in the computer. She could not pull me up and asked for my registration card.

I didn't have my registration card because all I needed before was my driver's license. I went home to get my registration card and returned. The same worker entered my number in the computer. She still couldn't pull me up and told me that I couldn't vote.

I went home and called a friend who is very involved in the local Republican Party and serves as a poll watcher. She went with me to the precinct, thinking there had to be a mistake. Arriving for the third time, I went through the same thing again even though the worker saw my name on the list.

My friend asked her to call the court house, but she wouldn't. We then went to the cout house, and they assured me that I could vote and called the precinct to inform them.

We went back to the precinct, and I was told that my voter registration number on the register did not match the one on my card. I've had the card since 1996 and have never had a problem, so I was puzzled by this.

I did finally get to vote at 6:45. I am wondering how many others had been turned away for some reason. What was the problem? Are the workers adequately trained; is the equipment programmed properly, or is there another problem?

I take my voting privilege very seriously and hope the problem is resolved before the runoff on May 16th.