We need Canty as the next president of Morris College


This is an open letter to the State Baptist Education and Missionary Convention, the Morris College Board of Trustees, alumni, students and the Sumter community. I am writing this open letter to each of the above entities to insist Dr. Ralph W. Canty seeks the presidency of Morris College. I am encouraging him, with enthusiasm, to seek the position of president of Morris College, and I am asking the decision-makers to give him due consideration if he decides to pursue this endeavor.

Dr. Canty has a doctorate degree and understands the social and economic diversity of the students who attend our great institution. He is a person that has excellent communication skills with people of all races, economic background and academic ability and he is open to listening to all ideas given to him. Dr. Canty will lead Morris College to a productive, professional and progressive second decade of the 21st century. In addition, he is a Morris College alumnus, and I feel strongly that it is time that we have a Morrisite to lead Morris College.

Dr. Canty is absolutely the best choice to lead our institution into a progressive and prosperous future. He is one of the most successful pastors in the state of South Carolina, a successful businessman, politician, school board member and a former educator. Dr. Canty is also known nationally as the former general secretary of the National Baptist Association in Washington, D.C.

As a former legislator, Dr. Canty possesses the political skills and contacts that would greatly enhance the college and its mission. He will be frugal, yet progressive with the funds of the college and he will be a prolific fundraiser for Morris College. As a man of his own personal means, Dr. Canty would not be a person that we would have to be concerned with as it relates to the college's funds.

Dr. Canty is also an avid sports fan who would enhance the quality and visibility of our athletics programs. He clearly understands the relationship between a good athletic program and student recruitment and retention. Dr. Canty understands and relates well with young people. He is also not afraid to have an understudy who will one day be able to take over the reins of the college when his tenure is over.

For those who are concerned about Dr. Canty's age - We all know that in these modern times 70 is the new 50. Our last president, who by far was the greatest president in our college's history, was in his 80s when he retired. Plus, Dr. Canty appears to be in good physical health with excellent stamina.

My wife and I have committed ourselves to a monthly contribution to Morris College in support of the college and Dr. Canty. Sometimes what we need is staring us in the face - We just need to open our eyes and see the needed blessing. Please join me in encouraging Dr. Canty to seek the best job, at the best institution with unlimited potential - Morris College.


B.S. Morris College

Class of 1980