Media personalities are behind opinion


In response to Mr. Lee Roy Campbell's letter on June 20. I stand by my opinion of Democrats being stupid. Any one with an ounce of brain matter left in their heads can watch TV, listen to the news or whatever people do to gather their "information" and form an opinion. But I thought I would enlighten you on reasons why I formed this opinion.

1. Chris Matthews. Hates conservatives. Always has, always will.

2. Rachel Maddow. Hates conservatives. Hates men.

3. Don Lemon. Hates conservatives. Hates white people.

4. Maxine Waters hates conservatives but can't remember why.

I could go on and on with media "personalities," but I think I made my point. I turned on the TV early this morning. Had to get my morning laugh, so I tuned in to "Morning Jo(k)e." Needless to say, I didn't have to wait long at all to hear Joe say, "well, we really didn't expect to win that Georgia seat." I'm not sure of the numbers, but the Left dumped millions of dollars to Ossoff's campaign. Even Hollywood chipped in a bunch. So, if Mr. Scarborough is correct, the Democrats spent a ton of money on an election they knew they were going to lose. Mr. Campbell, wouldn't you call that "stupid"? Oh, almost forgot. Last night, Rachel Maddow suggested that bad weather might have been a factor in Mr. Ossoff's "stunning defeat." I am so glad that YouTube was created, because every time I start feeling down, I load up videos of '"Miss" Maddow, describing how there was no way ... no way, Trump was going to win the nomination, much less the presidency. The look on her face when Trump won. Too funny. Mr. Campbell, feel free to sling the mud. I only ask that you make sure it IS mud. It does have the same texture as, well, you know, the same stuff the liberal media is trying to get everyone to believe.