Many Congressmen have met with Russians


President Donald Trump has called the partisan attack on Attorney General Jeff Sessions a witch hunt. As many Democrats and some Republicans try to smear the attorney general with charges of perjury in questions related to Russia, they ignore that many members of Congress have met with Russian officials, to include Democratic Sens. Schumer, McCaskill, Cantwell, Reed and Casey among others. ( They also never discuss a memorandum unearthed by London Times reporter Tim Sebastian which documented Sen. Ted Kennedy's attempt to work with the Soviet Union to undermine Ronald Reagan's 1984 reelection bid ( In their attempt to undermine President Trump and his cabinet, Democrats, and some Republicans such as John McCain, endeavor to make an enemy out of Russia and hinder attempts to cooperate with Russia in order to defeat ISIS. ISIS and Al Qaeda have declared war on the United States. Russia has not. Al Qaeda attacked us on 9/11, and ISIS has claimed responsibility for many attacks on American soil.

In addition to the Democratic-led witch hunt against Attorney General Sessions, there is a hunt by witches against President Donald Trump. The New York Post ( describes in detail spell-casting rituals, first held on Feb. 24. It goes on to state that "other spell-casting rituals are slated to be performed on March 26, April 24, May 23 and June 21.

But to counter the witches, some Christian groups are calling for a day of prayer. Kevin Ambrose of the Christian Nationalist Alliance said, "This is a declaration of spiritual war and it requires a response. As such, the Christian Nationalist Alliance is announcing a Day of Prayer on each of these days. We beseech all Christian soldiers to answer this call to action by reading from Psalm 23' ...We ask you to join us in praying for the strength of our nation, our elected representatives and for the souls of the lost who would take up Satanic arms against us."