Voter apathy gave us Donald Trump


Ariail's recent editorial cartoon would be hilarious, if sadly, it did not depict Donald Trump accurately. Trump has chosen to be vulgar, a bully, petty and braggadocious on the campaign trail and since he has occupied the White House.

Although he was never my choice to lead this nation, people in every corner of the world are observing his antics and probably wondering: Are Americans insane, apathetic and morally deficient to have elected and now to tolerate Trump as president of the United States?

Apathy contributed to his election; many registered voters did not vote in November 2016. As a result, our nation faces a moral crisis which necessitates immediate corrective actions. Those of goodwill and integrity must speak up, agitate, educate and stand firmly for justice to counteract the insanity that has become synonymous with national politics. We cannot wait until the presidential election of 2020 to effect change. We must begin at the local, county and state levels to elect men and women who will represent all of us responsibly.

When we fail to hold elected officials accountable, they become entrenched in maintaining their power and in looking out for the interests of their big-money donors. Left unchecked, they forget the meaning of public service, and they adopt an arrogant posture of disdain for us, the constituents.

At the national level, Trump should work diligently to unify our nation, not divide us. The president should encourage Congress to work cohesively for the well-being of all of us, not merely his base. President Trump should be the advocate for policies and programs that are in the best interest of the everyday Joe and Joanna as opposed to being the champion of the rich.

I am thankful for those who are inspired to resist the status quo. Many who previously stood passively on the sidelines of the political process are now hungry to learn and participate.

Our response to Trump's antics, his misdirection, his political ineptitude and his moral deficiency will propel our nation to be great again.