It's time for President Trump to stop playing at president, be one


To begin with, kudos to The Sumter Item for reprinting Peggy Noonan's (Wall Street Journal) comments about President Trump's speech in Warsaw. It was no doubt provided for him by some Washington speechwriter whose normal attitude is logical thinking and courteous speaking, and if so that person should have a permanent job for as long as Trump is in office. I will quote again just one sentence from her comments: "If he talked like this at home, more of us would be happy to have him here."

It is no secret that many people who voted for him, and still prefer the vision of his potential to anything the Democrats have to offer, are yet holding their collective breath and waiting to see if (how long, O Lord?) he will finally advance beyond treating his new office as an exquisitely expensive and fearfully frightening plaything, give up his cut-and-slash application of the Internet's power to deride his opponents, and start to PRESIDE over this most remarkable of all nations with its, rather than only his, welfare in mind.