It may be a bumpy ride with Trump


The Democrat party continues to do a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth in the aftermath of Donald Trump's election as president of the United States. So many of the party's hardcore base of lefties and Hillary disciples, when they are not having hissy fits and trotting out has-been actors and Hollywood celebrities to demand that GOP members of the Electoral College refuse to deliver their votes to Trump on Monday while wallowing in denial about the election as they fight off terrible cases of the vapors. Indeed, there have been reports of disappointed liberals seeking psychiatric counseling and college students collapsing in tears over the prospect of being left to the tender mercies of the satanic Trump and his demonic minions who are threatening - horrors! - to undo all of the wonderful legacy of the sainted Obama. How will the nation survive without Big Government, high taxes, over-regulation and Big Brother watching over us?

The little snowflakes encased in expensive colleges and universities will need more than hot cocoa, "feelings" counselors and tenured professors to assist them in working through this crisis.

There are many imponderables and surprises in store when the Trump regime takes charge. It could be a bumpy ride for our body politic, but if this nation can survive Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama, it can hang with Trump if he delivers as well as he promises.

Stay tuned.