Instead of marching, help police get thugs off street


I was pulling for David A. LePage in his Aug. 26 letter until he said, "I believe ..."

He surprisingly agreed with Mr. Baten about black-on-black crime, how marching wasn't going to solve anything and that black crime was on the rise. (No kidding. It has been for years.)

LePage's remedy was to increase personnel to allow a greater presence in the high-crime area. (I read South Sumter.) I ask, "Should we add to the taxpayer another burden, or should we use what the police know?

First of all, a small group of thugs are mainly the ones police are after. Secondly, people of South Sumter will march about a problem, but when it comes to aiding the police in finding the criminals, the fever turns cold. Folks are willing to tell the police what they know. Who wants to be a snitch? Right? This brings me to the third part and my opinion:

People in South Sumter had better start calling Crime Stoppers before a stray bullet comes through their home. People know who the criminals are or you know someone who knows. Until you clean up your own house, don't put a sign up by mine crying about your crime rate.

I understand not everyone is included in the above statements, but a lot of you are. Don't use your feet to march. Use your finger to dial.

As for David A. LePage, I enjoy his letters, and he is mostly spot on. If he is mad at me, fine. I expect I will be reading about it soon. Let's remember, though, that more money, at one time, placed police sub-stations about town. See what good that did?

And one more thing: If you can read, please tell the others about how to use a stop line when driving and the right way to maintain the correct lane while turning a corner. The next lesson about the proper use of turn signals will be forthcoming. If you can't wait, the driver's manual can be found at your friendly DMV.