Infantile left the real losers on Election Day


In the aftermath of last week's bitterly fought presidential election, the nation was treated to the winners and losers behaving with graciousness and civility. President Obama set the tone when he called on the nation to accept the outcome and unite behind President-elect Donald Trump so that he can govern the United States successfully for all the people, regardless of their political persuasion. Hillary Clinton, in spite of the pain she must have felt from losing in a contest she was expected to win, accepted the outcome in an honorable manner without rancor or excuses for her loss. It was her finest hour as a politician.

The same tone was echoed by Donald Trump in his acceptance remarks. He too responded in the same positive spirit, praising his adversary for her spirited campaign and urging the nation to come together in helping to heal the wounds of the campaign and contribute toward strengthening the nation as it moves into the future under a new administration.

Without doubt, the nation was ready for a change. The people who led the charge for Trump were ordinary hard-working citizens who loved their country and wanted it to be greater than it already is. It was a transformative movement they were a part of and it swept the old ruling class off the stage and made it clear to the old guard that there was a new spirit being awakened in America.

The real losers in this contest was the infantile left, personified by the protesters and rioters in Oregon and other parts of the country, who took to the streets in a destructive manner like the crybabies they were who were clueless as to what a democratic republic is all about or the meaning of the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

As for the Hollywood celebrities who threatened to leave the country because of the election of Trump: don't let the door hit you in the rear ends as you vacate the premises.

Goodbye and good riddance. The real adults in this country look forward to contributing to a better America.