Health care confusion at the federal level needs explaining


An important reason why we cannot understand any health care (insurance) plan by the Federal Government (House of Representatives, Senators and the White House) is that they do not tell the citizens the numbers. How many will be covered and how are they covered? And then what will the elected officials' health care plans cost with the deductibles? On the cost side, how much will the government contribute using our tax dollars?

The best I can determine, no thanks to our S.C. Senators, is the data as follows: As of Jan 2017, there are 324,400,000 residents in the U.S. I do not know if this includes the estimated 11.1 million illegal immigrants and 527,000 visa overstays. The numbers break down as follows:

1. Employer provided health care insurance 159.0M

2. Non-Group (individuals & families that purchase their own insurance) 22.7M

3. Medicaid 64.9M

4. Other Public (Military/VA) 6.5M

5. Uninsured 26.0M

6. Medicare 45.3M

It appears that the Federal Government Health Care legislation is addressing Nos. 2 and 5 above, which is 15 percent of the residents in the U.S. And we do not know if the 324.4M residents in the U.S. includes illegal immigrants and visa overstays.

I am asking our Senators and Representatives in the House to prepare and send articles to all newspapers in the state to explain the data above in more detail and answer the questions raised above.