Friends remind community that Barbara Nave still missing


On February 9th of this year, our dear friend, Barbara Nave, went missing and has not yet been found. Barbara is a sister, mother, grandmother, teacher, member of our community and a friend to many. You may have seen her "MISSING" flyer around town.

Since Barbara is 80 years of age, many believe she had cognitive issues, but Barbara was working on her "second" Ph.D. when she disappeared. With each passing day we grow more and more concerned and are reaching out to the public for help. If anyone knows anything or has heard anything regarding this case, we encourage you to please contact local law enforcement. We really want to see this case resolved.

As life goes on it is easy to forget Barbara is missing from our community, but for family and friends, it's another reminder Barbara is still not with us. There are so many questions and few leads and without family in the area we want to keep the case in the public, as it is easy for such a case to grow cold; so please beware. If it can happen to Barbara, it can happen to anyone.

In closing we wish to extend our gratitude to local law enforcement, particularly the Sumter County Sheriff's office, and especially Detective Bonner, who has dedicated so much time to this case. There are also thanks to the numerous agencies that have taken part in the search, i.e. DNR, SLED, K-9 Units, Statewide Search and Rescue/Recovery volunteers, aerial pilots and any other we may have overlooked. We also wish to thank Jack Osteen and Kathy Stafford of The Sumter Item, and the many businesses who have posted flyers of Barbara and continue to post it, as well as all that have lifted Barbara up in prayer. With a combined effort we feel sure that we can bring Barbara home.



Sumter and Kingstree, respectively