Remember attitude reflects leadership


One of my favorite movies is "Remember the Titans."

The movie focuses on a high school in Alexandria, Virginia, forced by the school board to integrate an all-white and all-black school. This means two successful football programs are combined, thus elevating tensions of coaches, players, students, fans and the community.

As tempers are at an all-time high, the two key captains of their respective teams argue about each other wasting their God-given talents and having poor attitudes. Suddenly one player makes the following remark, "Attitude reflects leadership, right captain?" Both recognize they need to have a better attitude in order to lead their team effectively. When their attitudes change, they begin to accept each other, and the team pulls together to win the state championship. What changed the tone? Leaders changed their attitudes, impacting the perspective of coaches, players and an entire community. Attitude did reflect leadership.

Paul writing to the Church of Rome stated, "May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had." When we think about having the same attitude as Christ, we should consider a humble servant, leader attitude. An attitude which realizes we are nothing without God. We should seek to serve and not be served. A person with an attitude like Christ will love and accept others for who they are. When we have an attitude like Christ we seek to encourage others at all times.

When we look at our homes, what types of attitudes are being displayed? Are our children respectful? Attitude reflects leadership. When looking at churches, workplaces, or sports teams, what attitudes are modeled? Are our attitudes welcoming? Attitude reflects leadership. The question to ponder is, "How does my attitude impact others?" The challenge for us to consider is what type of legacy will we leave based on our attitudes? Will our attitudes inspire greatness in others?

May we be challenged to have the attitude of Christ.

Family Encouragement Corner is a weekly inspirational thought from Richard Holmes. Holmes serves as a chaplain at Shaw Air Force Base. The opinions expressed in this article do not express the views of Shaw Air Force Base or the United States Air Force. For more information regarding Family Encouragement Corner or to offer your suggestions or comments, please feel free to email