Do law enforcement officers pay attention to smaller problems?


What are the duties of our law enforcement officers?

As they patrol our streets, roads and highways, why don't they report old rundown buildings? Example: Highway 15 South at Kingsbury Drive and Highway 15 South at Bethel Church Road.

Traffic lights out, speed limit signs blocked by tree limbs, tree limbs growing over the street and brush growing in the street; example - Stewart Street north of Calhoun Street.

Road and street signs down or view blocked by tree limbs that need cutting back. Example: Pinewood Road coming into Sumter. As you come over the overpass, you are not able to see the traffic light until you get almost to it.

Trash - pick a street or road. Bags of trash being dropped in the road and struck by vehicles and scattered. Old mattress, chairs and furniture along the road. Tree limbs along the highway(s); example - Highway 15 South, also Starks Ferry Road. Our roads look like trash dumps, especially after the grass has been cut.

Abandon vehicles - left on the side of the road for days, even weeks sometimes, before being moved. White Toyota four-door - NVI 678 - has been on side of road Highway 15 South for over two weeks.

Coming off of Nettles Road at Highway 15 South, there is a patch of weeds blocking the view so you cannot see oncoming traffic unless you get your vehicle almost out in the intersection. These weeds have been there for months and nothing has been done about it. Why can't the officer(s) report this kind of stuff?

Also, what is the duty of our litter control officer(s)? Don't anyone report this kind of stuff? And, if so, why is there nothing being done about it?

There are ways to stop trash from being dumped in and along the roads and finding out who is responsible. I won't say how in writing but will be glad to discuss it with our sheriff, chief and our state troopers.