Democrats are scared their party is dying


It is absolutely without precedent, the way the Democrats are trying to slow down the Trump administration's ability to govern. I don't ever remember the opposing party ever slowing things down the way the current group is doing. I think they are scared to death that the Democratic party is on its way to oblivion, as it should be, after their backing of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Eric Holder, not to mention the lady that occupied the Attorney General slot for a few months, along with Harry Reid and the Democrats, have set this country back, and it will take some hard work to set things right again.

It is interesting that President Trump came out with some tweets indicating that he knows that Barack Obama and his minions were involved in some illegal activities preceding the election. I do not doubt this for one moment. Barack Obama, in my estimation, has spent eight years doing his best to damage this country. For some time, I thought it was just because he was too ignorant to know better.

Now, after seeing what happened during the last days of his presidency, I think a lot of it was planned to disrupt the standing of the U.S. in the world.

Now that we have an honest attorney general in the office, I hope that Jeff Sessions will pursue the law in finding out to what extent Barack Obama broke the laws of the United States, and it wouldn't surprise me to see a prosecution before Donald Trump leaves office.