Celebrate service during National Volunteer Week


"Celebrate Service" is the theme for National Volunteer Week 2017. April 23-29 marks the 42nd observance of the week here in Sumter and the 44th for the nation.

Since that initial experience, this special week has provided an opportunity for us to turn the givers of our community into receivers and is eagerly anticipated. The observance began in 1974 when President Nixon signed an executive order establishing NVW as an annual celebration of volunteerism. Every president since has signed a proclamation promoting the week.

Community celebrations have already begun. The traditional picnic hosted by Sumter Volunteers and the City of Sumter will celebrate volunteers a few days prior to the week on April 20. Mayor Joe McElveen will have his traditional commendations of the top cookie bakers in "Shower Shaw with Cookies" and will also present the Mayor's Award for Outstanding Community Service. The Edith Myers Volunteer Extraordinaire Award will be presented by Sumter Volunteers.

The volunteer spirit that forged a nation from a wilderness is alive and well in communities across America. That spirit flourishes here in Sumter. Volunteers, you are appreciated and cherished as a great community asset, giving the best gift of all - self! We thank you. It's your season. Enjoy!


Director, Sumter Volunteers