Caution lights shouldn't be on when school is not in session


I would like to just make a couple of comments concerning school zone caution lights. We all know how important it is to drive slower when in an active school zone during drop off and pick up. It is also important that these lights only operate when school is in session and students are being dropped off or picked up. After drop off and pick up and when school is not in session, it is, in my humble opinion, important that the caution lights are turned off and don't operate. There are two schools I have observed that continually violate the need to turn off these caution lights. Millwood Elementary School NEVER turns off their caution lights when school is not in session - they are running now when everyone is on Christmas vacation. The result is that when students are present, people ignore the caution lights for Millwood. Rafting Creek is the other school, although the situation is different. At Rafting Creek, the afternoon caution light operates well after the students are gone, and many times the office personnel are no longer present at the school. I just believe that all schools should insure their caution lights are operating in a timely fashion and certainly not operating when school is not in session.