Area woman charged with 14 counts of forgery


Sumter Police Department arrested a woman wanted on multiple charges after cashing fake payroll checks at local businesses.

On Thursday, police officers, assisted by Sumter County Sheriff's Office and South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, located and arrested 44-year-old Susie Loretta Oaks-Thomas, of 146 Plowden Mill Road, states a news release from the police department.

Oaks-Thomas is charged with 14 counts of forgery of an amount less than $10,000 related to checks that she cashed and checks that she provided to others.

She was transported to Sumter-Lee Regional Detention Center, where she remains pending a $140,000 bond, according to the detention center.

Oaks-Thomas is a suspect in counterfeit check activities throughout South Carolina, the release states.

In addition to charges issued by Sumter Police Department, 10 other law enforcement agencies are expected to serve Oaks-Thomas with arrest warrants related to cashing counterfeit checks.

An investigation is continuing.