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Mom still marks anniversary of marriage ending in divorce

DEAR ABBY — My parents were separated for most of my life and divorced 10 years ago. Dad and I don't talk much, but we do get together for special occasions and visits during vacations. … more

Friends push single woman to date, but offer no help

DEAR ABBY - I'm 37 and still single. I've never been able to keep a guy around very long. They've all given me different reasons, but the main theme is that I'm "too independent and better as a friend." I've kept some of my exes as friends, so there … more

Visiting is one-way street for sisters refusing to travel

DEAR ABBY - I have three sisters who won't come to visit me. I am older and their only brother. We are all in our 50s. We all get along great and have no issues. Seven years ago, I moved away from our hometown in Pennsylvania and bought houses in … more

Husband asks wife to watch internet porn with him

DEAR ABBY - My husband is retired. Except for golf a few times a week, he's home all the time. He has taken to looking at porn a lot when he is home, including pictures and reading racy stories. When I come home from work, he's on the computer. … more

Truth about man's past cloud hopes for bright future

DEAR ABBY - I recently started dating a man who, until now, has been everything I wanted - respectful, kind, caring, funny, the list goes on. He's recently divorced, and from what I know, he was unfaithful to his wife with many long-term side … more

Plans to live together fall apart as boyfriend backs out

DEAR ABBY — My boyfriend, "Chris," and I were planning on moving in together. We went apartment hunting and created a realistic budget we could both maintain. He was the one who brought up … more

Age blocks daughter from joining mom's social club

DEAR ABBY - I am part of a small social ladies group. The eight of us range in age from mid-50s to late-60s. We get together once a month for lunch, a movie, dinner, shopping, etc. I look forward to it, and we always have a good time. Recently, … more

Brother's fiancée unaware of his opiate addiction

DEAR ABBY - My divorced 38-year-old brother is addicted to opiates. My wealthy, enabling mother constantly bails him out financially. My brother is engaged to a very kind woman - a mother of three he met four months ago. She's not aware of his lies, … more

Marriage loses intimacy due to husband's disability

DEAR ABBY - Six years ago, my husband of 20 years was in a serious accident. He was placed on disability because of it. Because of the accident, he can't perform sexually because his "goods" don't work. I am many years younger than he is and … more

Bride feels mom is using wedding to spotlight herself

DEAR ABBY - Once I announced my engagement, my already thin, fit mother went on a diet and lost 20 pounds. My weight has always been an issue with her, and I can't believe she would draw attention to it in this way. She called me a bridezilla … more

With dad out of the country, boyfriend takes on parenting

DEAR ABBY — My husband's brother split from his wife, "Charlotte," five years ago and now works and lives in another country. The brothers are still quite close. His school-age daughters … more

Mom assisting son's job hunt stymied by internships

DEAR ABBY - My son, a junior in college, is trying to get a summer job. His degree is challenging, and he has a good work ethic plus job experience. Because he hasn't had much luck applying online, I have been calling local businesses to see what's … more

Serious video gamer gets no respect for her hobby

DEAR ABBY — I'm an avid video game player. My husband and I bond over playing games, reading and talking about them. In fact, in my spare time, I just earned a master's degree in video … more

Girl feels guilty for actions during brief breakup

DEAR ABBY - I am a 17-year-old senior and have been dating the same boy for two years. A month ago, he told me he wanted to break up "because he needed some time to figure out what he wanted." I was devastated but agreed. Two weeks later, he told me … more

Teen struggling to reconnect with alcoholic mom

DEAR ABBY - My mom is a recovering alcoholic. Her alcoholism has caused emotional distress and damaged our relationship to the point that I'm aloof and terse toward her. She's six months sober, receiving help and making an effort to repair the … more

Mom stunned to learn son has been cross-dressing

DEAR ABBY - My son's girlfriend confided to me that my son, age 35, is cross-dressing. I knew his life was in flux and that his appearance had changed, but it stunned me. He hasn't mentioned anything, and she said he would be very upset if I … more

Couple separates after husband takes acting class

DEAR ABBY - When I was 70, I started taking drama classes twice a week (I still do). My wife was against it and insisted that because none of our friends or relatives were doing it, neither should I. As a result, I suggested we live apart. I bought … more

Girl is tempted to choose a college close to home

DEAR ABBY — My daughter is graduating from high school and will be starting college. It was always her plan to go to a school away from our small town, and I supported that decision. … more

29-year-old virgin fears she's waited too long for Mr. Right

DEAR ABBY — I'm a 29-year-old female and still a virgin. This decision is mostly based on my religious beliefs, but also because I haven't met the right guy. I have been struggling with … more

Father's habit of returning food is embarrassing

DEAR ABBY - I am in my 30s and moved out of my parents' home 10 years ago. Last week I decided to visit them, and we went out to eat. Dad has a habit of sending his food back to the kitchen - "My steak isn't cooked enough," or "My food is cold. … more
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