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Military husband returns home only to ship out with his mom

DEAR ABBY — My husband, "John," recently returned from his fourth Middle East tour after having been gone for a year. As soon as he got back, his mother invited him and his two sisters on … more

Unemployed son complains he is overworked at home

DEAR ABBY — I am an unemployed (and looking) 24-year-old male who is the oldest of four. My three sisters are a 20-year-old who has a part-time job and goes to college, a 14-year-old and a … more

Tattoo with ex-wife's name bothers girlfriend

DEAR ABBY - My boyfriend is divorced. His ex's name is tattooed on his arm. Although I don't like it, I realize that it was long ago and before I came into the picture. As we have grown closer over the last two years, I'm often tempted to ask him … more

'Perfect' man vanishes when alcohol loosens his lips

DEAR ABBY - I have been dating the most amazing man for the past 11 months. As we approach the one-year anniversary of the day we met, this "perfect" man is showing some not-so-perfect traits. I was unlucky in love for many years until he swept me … more

Man learns he may have a son he never knew about

DEAR ABBY - I have been married for 27 years and have three wonderful kids. The youngest is 16. I recently found out I may have another son from a relationship prior to my marriage. The woman never notified me or asked for child support. I found … more

Woman wonders why she stays in joyless marriage

DEAR ABBY - I have been married for 30 years. Although my husband and I are both positive people, we have not had a happy marriage. He leads the life of a bachelor, including sex with other women and unilateral decision-making. He's outgoing, … more

Blowhard boyfriend wears out his hosts during annual trips

DEAR ABBY — My best friend of 40 years and her boyfriend live several states away from my husband and me. Every winter she and her friend expect to come to our home for a week. We simply … more

Bride-to-be plans walk down the aisle after dad's death

DEAR ABBY — My boyfriend and I are talking marriage soon, and I'm already stressing over who will walk me down the aisle. I always planned for it to be my dad, but he passed away a month … more

Mom's wild stories cause her grandchildren distress

DEAR ABBY - My mother insists on telling my three youngest children that my husband is not their father. The oldest girl is the spitting image of him, and she's upset about it. Mom also calls me terrible names. She keeps saying it will add years to … more

Couple differs on timing of when to start a family

DEAR ABBY - I have been in a strong relationship with my girlfriend for five years. We're very much in love. I have told her I don't want to get married and have kids until I have attained some level of success. She understands my desire to be a … more

Long-married couple considers 'swinger' lifestyle

DEAR ABBY - My wife and I have been married for years. We married young, and I'm the only man she's been with. Although we seem to have a good sex life, she's now saying she wants more. She wants to experiment and is suggesting we try a "swinging" … more

Guilty dad now puts once-estranged daughter first

DEAR ABBY - My older sister, "Lily," is in a biracial marriage and has a son. Our dad never approved. He gave her an ultimatum when she first met "Rodney": Choose between him or our family. She chose Rodney. After 30 years of Dad not speaking to … more

Mom sees lonely life ahead for easily wounded daughter

DEAR ABBY — My daughter, "Roxanne," married right out of high school. Eleven years later she finally woke up and realized the man of her dreams was a deadbeat. She has now been divorced as … more

After remarriage, widow cuts contact with her stepfamily

DEAR ABBY — Our father died nine months after his diagnosis with cancer. Within six months of his funeral, our stepmother of 20-plus years had begun a new relationship. She sold her and … more

Man uses wife's work problems against her at home

DEAR ABBY - My husband tends to fight dirty, and I don't know how much more I can take. If we argue about some issue between us, he'll say something along the lines of, "This is why you have so much trouble with your colleagues at work." He knows … more

Girlfriend's young kids are challenge for veteran dad

DEAR ABBY - I'm 41 with two adult kids and my youngest, who is almost 15. For the last eight months I have been dating a woman with two kids - one is nearly 10 and the other is 4. We have a lot in common. We get along great, and I really like … more

Man admits to long-ago affair with best friend's wife

DEAR ABBY - I found out a month ago that my wife and my best friend had a relationship 40 years ago when we were in our 20s. My friend hinted about it, so I asked him point blank and he confessed. Obviously, if you can't trust someone, he's not … more

Woman hurt about not being in bestie's wedding

DEAR ABBY - My best friend and I are middle-aged women. Throughout our long friendship, I have been one of the few people in her life who was there for her as she dealt with boyfriend problems, elderly parents, serious illnesses, deaths, etc. She … more

Man afraid to be alone starts affairs with married women

DEAR ABBY — My son has taken it upon himself to get romantically involved with two different married women. He's newly divorced after a long marriage and hates the idea of being alone. He … more

School's homecoming rules put teen in awkward position

DEAR ABBY — Homecoming is next month, and we are not allowed to take outside dates. My girlfriend goes to a different school and doesn't want me taking anyone else. My school is very small … more
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