Hubert Osteen, Chairman of Osteen Publishing Co.
Office (803)774-1298, email:

Graham Osteen, Co-President of Osteen Publishing Co.
Office (803)774-1352, email:

Kyle Osteen, Co-President of Osteen Publishing Co.
Office (803)774-1254, email:

Jack Osteen, Publisher/VP of Osteen Publishing Co.
Office (803)774-1238, email:


Business Office

Larry Miller, CEO
Office (803)774-1277, email:

Michele Barr, Business Manager/Payroll
Office (803)774-1249, email:

Angela Gordy, Accounts Receivable/Ad Order Entry
Office (803)774-1246, email:

Marjorie Hill, Business Office Assistant
Office (803)774-1236, email:

Michelle Lee, Business Office Assistant
Office (803)774-12456, email:


Display Advertising Sales Staff

Waverly Williams, Sales Manager
Office (803)774-1237, email:

Paige Macloskie, Outside Sales Rep
Office (803)774-1278, email:

Karen Cave, Outside Sales Rep
Office (803)774-1242, email:

Mark Pekuri, Outside Sales Rep
Office (803)774-1274, email:

Gail Mathis, Clarendon Bureau Manager
Office (803)464-1157, email:


Graphics Team

Cary J. Howard, Supervisor of Creative Services
Office (803)774-1244, email:

Leigh Bruce, Graphic Designer
Office (803)774-1256, email:

Rosie Peavy, Graphic Designer
Office (803)774-1281, email:


Content Team

Ivy Moore, Features Editor
Office (803)774-1221, email:

Jade Reynolds, Staff Writer
Office (803)774-1250, email:

Matt Bruce, Staff Writer
Office (803)774-1272, email:

Sammy Way, Archivist
Office (803)774-1294

Sandra Holbert, Newsroom Clerk
Office (803)774-1226, email:

Joe Kepler, Staff Writer
Office (803)774-1225, email:

Raytevia Evans, Staff Writer
Office (803)774-1214, email:

Matt Walsh, Multimedia Editor
Office (803)774-1227, email:


Presentation Team

Rhonda Barrick, Lifestyle Editor
Office (803)774-1264, email:

Beverly Nelson, Graphic Designer
Office (803)774-1289, email:

Jessica Stephens, Copy Editor
Office (803)774-1270, email:

Melanie Smith, Copy Editor
Office (803)774-1293, email:


Dennis Brunson, Sports Editor
Office (803)774-1241, email:

Justin Driggers, Sports Writer
Office (803)774-1235, email:

Michael Christopher, Sports Writer
Office (803)774-1228, email:


Customer Service (Circulation & Classified)

Earle Woodward, Customer Service Manager
Office (803)774-1259, email:

Kathy Stafford, Asst. Customer Service Manager
Office (803)774-1212, email:

Bobby Touchberry, Single Copy Manager
Office (803)774-1263, email:

Cynthia Ivey, Customer Service
Office (803)774-1258, email:

Lori Rabon, District Manager
Office (803)774-1216, email:

Harry Pringle, District Manager
Office (803)774-1257, email:

Denise Belk, Audit Clerk/Single Copy
Office (803)774-1350, email:


Operations/Information Technology

Michael Clift, Director of Operations
Office (803)774-1290, email: